There’s a lot of questions to ask about Jeunesse! We’ve started to build this Frequently Asked Questions page to answer the most common ones.

If you’ve got a question, contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Do I have to be a distributor to buy Jeunesse products?

No. Jeunesse products are available for retail to anybody, you do not have to be a distributor. However, as a distributor you can access the Jeunesse range at wholesale prices, and you don’t have to sell products to anyone else. This is what’s called a wholesale customer. To find out more about becoming a distributor (or wholesale customer), visit this page or contact us.

Can I buy Jeunesse products from a store?

No, Jeunesse products are only available from a distributor directly, or online. To purchase Jeunesse products online (retail), simply visit https://australiasales.jeunesseglobal.com/en-AU/ and in the top hand corner hover over Skin Care or Nutrition, then select the product you want. Then just add them to your shopping cart. NOTE: Please be very wary about buying Jeunesse products online via any other site such as eBay or Amazon. These can be non-authentic products and also breach the Jeunesse distribution terms and conditions.

If I sign up as a distributor, do I have to sell products?

No. Many people sign up as distributors simply to get the Jeunesse range at wholesale prices. There is NO OBLIGATION to sell products at all. This is what’s called a wholesale customer. To find out more about becoming a distributor (or wholesale customer), visit this page or contact us.

Is it true that Jeunesse products contain live stem cells?

No. Although Jeunesse products are developed using adult stem cell technology, they don’t actually contain any live stem cells. What happens is stem cells are taken from the fat cells of a healthy adult, they are then cultured and matured, and then the solution is filtered and other powerful healing ingredients are added. The end result is a powerful growth factor solution that contains the benefits and characteristics of stem cells, but with all the actual stem cells filtered out. This growth factor solution is revolutionary in the cosmetics industry and provides AMAZING results.

How do I know they will actually work?

Don’t take our word for it. Just go to Google images and search for anything like “LUMINESCE testimonials” or “Jeunesse testimonials” and you’ll see dozens and dozens of real testimonials from real people. You can see some of them on our own testimonials page. Because of this, Jeunesse are so confident you will have amazing results that they offer an unconditional 100% 30 day money back guarantee. You can’t get any better than that.

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  1. I would like to know why you don’t havw vidacell in USA but in other countries.

    • Hi Bheyle, yes unfortunately the Jeunesse products are often different from country to country, depending on the laws and regulations in each country. To be honest we are not sure of the reason why Vidacell is not available in the USA (as we are in Australia), but if you contact sales[at]jeunesseglobal.com, I’m sure they can tell you the reasons why.

  2. after how long can one rejoin Jeunesse after resignation. Is there a specific rule to this effect?

  3. Many people are buying jeunesse products from amazon and other websites instead of from jeunesse or their distributors. The reason is that they are much cheaper then the jeunesse distributor prices. Many are 50 percent or more cheaper and also free shipping. What is jeunesse doing about this issue? My customers show me the products they bought. They are the same product from jeunesse. The finiti they bought only cost them $70.

    • Hi Robert, yes it is a real problem, and in many cases these are counterfeit or out-of-date stock, so the customer is often ripped off. Jeunesse do have a compliance team that tries to find these sellers and close down their Jeunesse accounts (if they have one), so all you can do is notify Jeunesse at compliance@jeunesseglobal.com of each instance and hopefully they will be able to take action and close down the seller.

  4. how can I tell if this product bought off of ebay is authentic. I bought some that looks like what I take but I am now worried that it may not be the real thing. How can I tell???

    • Hi Diana, unfortunately if you buy off eBay, you can never know if it’s going to be authentic. It is actually against the Jeunesse distributor agreement for anyone to sell on eBay and the seller risks having their account terminated. There have been many cases unfortunately of people selling expired or even imitation products on eBay.

      The only way to know you are getting genuine products is to buy directly from Jeunesse at http://australiasales.jeunesseglobal.com.

  5. For reserve, Can they consume it if they have allergy to yeast or any fermented food?

  6. Came across the product “Finiti” which brought me to this website, but it appears that this product is not sold in Australia…Is it coming to Australia?
    The skin products look great also…interested in signing up when the Finiti product is available.

    • Hi Glenda, unfortunately Finiti is not available in Australia yet, but we expect it to be available in the future. You may wish to add your email to our newsletter, or follow our Facebook page, and you will be notified as soon as it’s available in Australia!

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